Natural Baseball Tryout Questions and Information


All players that make a Natural Baseball team get the following benefits as part of their team fees:

Unlimited use of Natural Baseball's indoor facility....hit, pitch, field....every day, as space allows...lots of space = lots of room to work on your game.

Speed/Agility/Strength classes for entire year-designed by Coach Joe Potts from Top Speed Strength and Conditioning.

Spring/Summer League Fees and indoor winter practice time

High School teams include all Summer tournaments

Discounted Marucci Equipment - Use what the Pros use!!


Below are some common questions and answers that many people have each year.

Is there a cost to attend tryouts? - Yes, we ask that each player trying out pays a $20 registration fee.

What if I can't make the date my age group has tryouts?  We will be holding a second tryout date to be announced following the first tryout and will post that date to the website as soon as it is scheduled.

Do all current Natural Baseball players have to attend tryouts? - All current NBA players must attend a tryout to be considered for a spot on the teams that are being formed.  This ensures that each player keeps working hard to be a better baseball player.

How do you form teams? - Teams are formed based on skill.  Natural Baseball does not have a predetermined number of teams that have to play at a specific level.  We strive to get 10-12 players of similar skill, and let that determine the correct level of play.

How much emphasis is place on winning? - Winning is always more fun than losing.  Natural Baseball believes that if players work hard, develop good fundamentals, and learn how to compete, that winning will come.  Be better at the end of the season, than you are at the start.

What should I expect at tryouts? - Natural Baseball tryouts are run like a college showcase event.  All players will have a chance to hit, field, and pitch in front of coaches and evaluators.  We look for not only baseball skill, but effort and attitude.  We attempt to keep things moving with lots of activities happening at once.

When tryouts are over how quickly will I know if I have a spot on one of your teams?  We try to get you an update withing 48 hours.  After the first round of tryouts, players will get one of the following. 1 - An offer to join NBA,  2 - An invite to the 2nd tryout, or 3 - A declination letter

If I get invited back for a 2nd tryout, does that mean you did not like me? - No, the reality is that we look at lots of players.  A coach may see something he really likes, but wants to see it again.  A player may have had a bad day, but we know there is ability that just did not show well that day, so its a 2nd chance to shine.  If you only attend the 2nd tryout, then there is not a 2nd chance opportunity.