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*New High School Class Starting

True Velo

(*High School Program for Natural Baseball Players-Only*)


8 weeks (16 Sessions)

January 7th through February 27th

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00-9:00

True Velo 101

(Middle School)

6 weeks (12 sessions)

Next Class to Start in March 2020! 

* Requires Boost/Exos Pre-Screen Physical 

About the Program

Medically Supervised Training

Increase Their Pitching Speed by an Average of 4 MPH

Increase Their Strength & Endurance

Improve Player's Mechanics

Learn to Play Baseball at a Higher Skill Level


Cost includes an 8 week training program, medical testing, throwing mechanics, and more.

Age Appropriate Training

Our training programs have been designed and developed based on specific age groups.

Mechanics Training

Players will learn how to further develop their pitching mechanics and they will also learn arm care.

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