Looking to perform the best at your sport? Proactive injury prevention and foundational movement habits are the keys. Boost works with athletes and patients to fine-tune their anatomies to fit their goals, whether it's lifting their grandchildren again or becoming the NFL's deadliest running back. By using strategies backed by clinical evidence, their patients do the work to build habits over time that help them avoid reactivity.

Individual Training

Looking for an edge? Develop the athlete in you. Maximize your potential to stay ahead of your competition.

Team Training

Ensure your team is ready for their next season. Your first team session is on Boost!

Elite Development

Collegiate and professional athletes can get individualized, comprehensive training programs.

EXOS proactive approach and movement assessment of every athlete that walks through our doors allows us to develop a progressive program that meets their individual goals and needs. With their coaches’ extensive backgrounds, a wide and growing knowledge base, and science-based training principles, they offer a level of training and care that minimizes risk and maximizes potential gains.

For more information, CONTACT EXOS or visit one of thier fully-operable sports performance locations across the Kansas City metro.


Physical Therapy

We work with a variety of clients from people on the mend after injury to athletes looking to fine-tune their anatomy to reduce their injury risk.


Spine & Neck

If you're recovering from back or neck surgery, an acute or chronic injury, or wish to prevent an operation altogether, let us help you end your spine related pain and/or injury risk.

Sport Specific

Individualized care that is specific to your sport limits your time off the field or court so you can have a safe and effective return to play for long-term success.


Total Joint

Have some new hardware in your body? Let our doctors of physical therapy help you thrive in your new life with a prosthetic joint.